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What is Happening to Your Roof?

Have you ever seen black streaks or green stuff growing on top of a house and thought, “What on earth is that?” When the top of the house looks like a work of Van Gogh you know something just isn’t right. This can be the case for many homes in the Baltimore area. The reality is that this discoloration is not only unsightly, it can be harmful to exterior surfaces.


What Signs to Look Out For

 What exactly causes the discoloration on most roofs? The answer may sound like something straight out of science class. We have compiled a guide to the three most common things to watch out for.


Algae, the Bad Streak that We Don’t Want

Algae is indeed the cause of the black streaks that appear on roofs. Up close they are actually  dark green. Whatever the color, we just don’t want it . It can eat away at your shingles causing it to lose effectiveness to reflect heat rays. Without this ability you can experience a rise in temperature inside your home. And algae works fast! It can start to form on houses with roofing at just four years old.


Moss, the Green Bully to Your Exteriors

Moss- Appearing as a magical forest on top of your house, moss is anything but magical. The danger is due mostly to the fact that it’s able to pack a lot of moisture that can cause rot. It’s ability to grow is also a threat to your shingles and covering, growing underneath and loosening things up. Not to mention it can make pest control difficult, being an ideal dwelling for bugs.

Lichen, Shingles’ Worst Nightmare

Lichen is where moss and algae meet, being a combination of the two. Like moss, it’s ability to hold moisture can cause significant damages to exterior surfaces. How so? The moisture in the winter can actually frost. This can lead to shingles to bend and warp over time shortening the life of your roof.

Any one of these things can cause major damage to your house. They can lead to bigger problems such as leaks and rot which can lower the overall property value. 

The Best Solution to Tackle Your Roof

Now that we know what causes the problem, let’s talk about the solution. There are many services out there that can clean even the toughest debris on surfaces. Typically power washing and pressure washing works wonders for driveways, concrete, siding, and other exterior surfaces on your property. But will it have the same effect on your roof?


Pressure Washing or Soft Washing?

The reason pressure washing works so well for outside surfaces lies in the high pressured  water spray. Around 2000 PSI  is no match for the debris that accumulates over time. But is that amount of force safe enough for your roof? It is not. There is an alternative that can deliver a gentle yet effective solution: soft washing. The jet stream is taken from 2000 PSI to 500. This is a safe amount of pressure to wash away anything that is eating at your roof. This pressure along with safe chemicals will kill dangerous organisms so that they don’t stand a chance!


If you’re looking for pressure washing services in Baltimore, Maryland contact Baltimore Power Wash today!