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A New Start at CCBC-Essex


With the start of summer, registration is now under way at Community College of Baltimore County. Are you attending classes here for the first time? Being a new student comes with its own set of anxieties. Not knowing the ins and outs of the place can be a challenge in the beginning. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually know your way around!


The Team Helping You Succeed


You may at times feel that you don’t have things quite figured out yet, and that’s ok. College students have a lot of pressure on them, internal and external. As a CCBC-Essex student you have access to so many resources designed to help relieve some of that stress and set you up for success. From help with a writing assignment, to trying to find a job after graduation, the team is there for you!


Academic Advisement


You have academic advisors ready to assist you every step of the way. Are you having trouble choosing a major, or don’t know which classes to take? A staff member can help you figure out your college path. They are just one virtual appointment away. Even if you don’t own a personal computer, you can come to any campus to and use a computer for your advisement session


International Student Services


Students from all over the world chose CCBC-essex to come for academic studies. Their contribution adds so much to the school. If you are an international student there are services provided just for you. From applying to college, testing, and just adjusting to life in Baltimore, someone is there to help.


Campus Culture

The culture of Community College of Baltimore County is just as important as the academics. This Is where to live, breathe, dance, and play. Some aspects of life on campus are through the arts, athletics, and clubs. Let’s explore these!


The World of Art


Whether you are an observer or a creator, you have the art world at your fingertips. Check out the current theater productions. You can even audition for upcoming projects! There are art galleries featuring not only local artists but artists throughout the country as well. Attend a reading or talk by an acclaimed writer. Whether you passion is, you’ll be sure to find an outlet to your creativity.


Getting Athletic


Develop not only your academics, but also your athletics with college sports. Many sophomores here are able to transfer to other four year colleges. Some teams you can support are the Caronsville Cardinals, the Dundalk Lions, and the Essex Knights. 


In the Club


There is something about being with people who have similar interests and goals as you do. A sense of community is a powerful thing. Discover who else out there is like you. Join a club or organization and contribute to what you’re passionate about. 


College can be like a long road trip. Bumps and obstacles may come your way, but keep your eye on the destination and enjoy the journey! CCBC has a lot to offer and will all the added help, you are bound to succeeded!